[R] Implement a Fomula

Norman McBride npmcbride0917 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 23:56:23 CET 2014

Now, if I were to move the data over from an excel doc would that change
anything. I do understand that that I would have to change it to a csv
document and create a variable for it. Just to give you a more visual
understanding of what I am doing I attached a picture of the head of the
data.  So the formula would specifically be:  Battery Heat (Watts) /
( Surface Area (Square Meters) * ( Battery Temperature (Celsius) - Air
Temperature (Celsius) ) and that would be the value put into the Cooling
Coefficient Column currently set at one. One final note, when using
function() should I input variable such as a,b, c and then change then
change them when using the do.call function or should I just do it with the
column names the first time? Thank you for the help I really appreciate it.


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