[R] Full Documentation of R analysis

will.eagle at gmx.net will.eagle at gmx.net
Thu Apr 4 16:18:01 CEST 2013

   Dear all,

   I would like to fully document an analysis in R including script, output and
   workspace data. To do this I currently run under Linux

   $ R CMD BATCH myscript.R

   This command combines and saves only the script commands and the output
   ./myscript.Rout. To save the workspace, I have to explicitly specify the
   path in the R file and apply save.image(...).

   How can I save the full workspace with the same naming scheme under the same
   path, e.g. ./myscript.RData similar to ./myscript.Rout?

   Note: R CMD BATCH myscript.R --save does not work.

   Best regards and thanks in advance,


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