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Try the pairs() function to explore your raw data.

This webpage may even give you a nice way to visualize your data:



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For my master thesis I have 24 micro-plots on which I did measurements
during 3 months. 

The measurements were: 
- Rainfall and runoff events throughout 3monts (runoff being dependant on
the rainfall, a coefficient (%) has been made per rainfall event and per 3
- Soil texture (3 different textures were differentiated)
- Slope (3 classes of slopes)
- Stoniness (one time measurement)
- Random roughness (throughout 3 months)
- Land use (crop land or grazing land)
- Vegetation cover (throughout 3 months)
- Vegetation height (throughout 3 months, only measured on cropland)
- Antecedent moisture content (throughout 3 months)

Now I would like to investigate the effect of all these variables on the
rainfall/runoff. For example does a steeper slope have a larger effect on
the runoff than the soil texture?
What are the possibilities in R? 

Thank you for any feedback, 
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