[R] Password protected R Repository

Stefan Petersson stefan.petersson at inizio.se
Wed Sep 28 20:32:42 CEST 2011

> >>
> >
> > The helpfiles for 'download.file' was not that helpful. But maybe it's just 
> > not being able to read them correctly.
> Yes, looks like this is the case.
> > I tried to call install.packages with the 'method=wget', and hoped for a
> > username and password dialog. But no luck.
> The help page says "if proper values are stored in the configuration 
> file for wget", so why do you expect a dialog?
> Best,
> Uwe Ligges

Well, I expect a dialog because when I use (for example) ncftp without a conf 
file, I get a dialog asking me for site, usr and pwd. For me, not being a black 
belt R user, it's not so strange expecting a dialog of some kind when a usr/pwd 
is required. But maybe that's just me... 

And I misunderstood the helpfile. I thought it referred to proxy servers alone, 
and that it didn't concern Apache Authentication. My error. Thanks for clearing 
that up.

My misunderstanding -> Method ‘"wget"’ can be used with proxy firewalls which 
require user/password authentication if proper values are stored in the 
configuration file for ‘wget’.

So, I added 'http_user=usr' and 'http_passwd=pwd' to my /etc/wgetrc and run:

install.packages(repos='http://www.myServer.se/myRepo/', method='wget', 
pkgs='myLib', dep=TRUE)

Bob is my uncle!

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