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Carl Witthoft carl at witthoft.com
Sat Jul 16 02:49:38 CEST 2011

Start out with


Then please tell us what your "issues" are.   The barplot function is 
pretty flexible.

If I guess that you are having difficulty simultaneously plotting one 
set of stacked bars and another set of non-stacked bars next to them, I 
would recommend two approaches.

One is to play with

 > barplot(first_stuff)
 > par(new=TRUE)
 > barplot(second_stuff)

The other, and probably better, approach, is to write your data of 
interest into a new matrix with some zeroes added to certain columns, 
and use the "beside=FALSE" argument to barplot().


Sally Roman wrote:

Hi - I would like to make to make a barplot of my data, but am having 
issues. An example of my data is:

species	                    net	       pair   pounds    type
Cod	                          Control	        1	46	    kept
Little Skate	                  Control	        1	0	    kept
Summer Flounder	          Control	        1	9	    kept
Windowpane Flounder	  Control	        1	0	    kept
Winter Flounder	          Control	        1	0	    kept
Winter Skate	          Control	        1	0	    kept
Yellowtail Flounder	  Control	        1	76	    kept
Cod	                          Experimental	1	19	    kept
Little Skate	                  Experimental	1	0	    kept
Summer Flounder	          Experimental	1	2	    kept
Windowpane Flounder	  Experimental	1	0	    kept
Winter Flounder	          Experimental	1	0	    kept
Winter Skate	          Experimental	1	0	    kept
Yellowtail Flounder	  Experimental	1	9	    kept
Cod	                          Control	        1	14         discard
Little Skate	                  Control	        1	75	    discard
Summer Flounder	          Control	        1	1	    discard
Windowpane Flounder	  Control	        1	32	    discard
Winter Flounder	          Control	        1	16	    discard
Winter Skate	          Control	        1	225	    discard
Yellowtail Flounder	  Control	        1	7	    discard
Cod	                          Experimental	1	7	    discard
Little Skate	                  Experimental	1	64	    discard
Summer Flounder	          Experimental	1	3	    discard
Windowpane Flounder	  Experimental	1	26	    discard
Winter Flounder	          Experimental	1	12	    discard
Winter Skate	          Experimental	1	136	    discard
Yellowtail Flounder	  Experimental	1	5	    discard

I have 9 total pairs. I would like to be able be able to make a barplot 
by pair that shows the catch of the control net (kept & discard) stacked 
with the catch of the experimental net also stacked by species like the 
image below I did in excel.


I can make barplots by net and pair, but I would like to have both nets 
on one barplot if possible.
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