[R] How to translate string to variable inside a command in an easy way in R

Daniel Nordlund djnordlund at frontier.com
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> Thanks
> Here is another question
> I want to have a function that get a string for example
> y="AMI" and make commands like the following
> agg<-aggregate(numAMI ~MemberID,right.a,sum)
> Note that I know that numAMI is part of right.a because another function
> with the string AMI already generated it.
> Is there a way to do it without paste parse and eval?
> I can do it by the following commands for y="AMI"
> numy<-paste("num",y,sep="")
> texta<-paste("agg<-aggregate(",numy,sep="")
> text2<-"~MemberID, right.a, sum)"
> text1<-paste(texta,text2,sep="")
> eval(parse(text=text1))
> If you can have a shorter code for it then it can be productive.

Well, you could do the above in one line (sorry, my email client is breaking the line)

>agg <- eval(parse(text=paste("aggregate(num",y,"~MemberID,right.a,sum)",sep='')))

You can put that in a function and call it like

>your_function <- function(y) eval(parse(text=paste("aggregate(num",y,"~MemberID,right.a,sum)",sep='')))
>agg <- your_function(y='AMI')

However, you seem to be trying to wrestle R to the ground to get it to do things your way.  Maybe if you gave R-help some context about your overall task (including why you need to construct these commands), someone could provide suggestions on solving your programming tasks in a more R-ish way.  Just a thought.


Daniel Nordlund
Bothell, WA USA

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