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> Subject: [R] Return invisible list
> x=read.table("data.txt",header=T)
> goa=(x[,3])
> meplot(goa)
> I can see the plot, but I would like to see the values of the 
> x and y axis. 

Something returned as invisible is returned but not printed. 
You just need to catch it in a suitable variable. That's what you do with any other function where you want to keep the value: 

mplist <-  meplot(goa) #assigns the output to a variable called mplist

mplist  #calls the default print method for that object.

If you don't need to keep the values for re-use, putting something in parentheses evaluates the expression and returns the result, effectively removing the invisibility cloak without explicit assignment.


hist( z ) #returns invisible list


( hist( z ) ) #additionally displays the output.

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