[R] Problems producing quantreg-Tables

Jan Henckens jan at henckens.de
Tue Jan 11 09:41:42 CET 2011

I think I found out about the existing problem with generation of tables 
done by latex():

Checking the source code of 'table.R' I noticed any optional arguments 
specified seem to be discarded when calling the function latex.table() 
after preprocessing the summary.rqs-output

So unlike stated in the reference manual (p. 25)

 > latex.summary.rqs Make a latex table from a table of rq results
 > ...       optional arguments for latex.table

it is not possible to pass any preferences regarding the layout to 

The solution is extremely simple:

by changing line 36 in the code 'table.R':

latex.table(table, caption = caption, rowlabel = rowlabel, file = file)


latex.table(table, caption = caption, rowlabel = rowlabel, file = file, ...)

the funcionality described in the reference manual is implemented.

Maybe this helps someone who is confronted with the same problem...


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