[R] Problems producing quantreg-Tables

Jan Henckens jan at henckens.de
Tue Jan 11 07:19:33 CET 2011

Hi Folks,

I've got a question regarding the 'quantreg' package maintained by Roger 

I tried to produce LaTeX tables using the longtable and dcolumn options 
as decribed in the manual, but the function latex() doesn't seem to 
react on _any_ other options than 'digits' and 'transpose'.

To reproduce these results the following minimal example may be used:

fit2 <- 
# This code produces a table with _no_ caption
latex(fit2, caption="Engel's Law")

I already tried to use different versions of the package but this 
problem seems to be persistent. The usage of latex() should be correct 
since I adapted it to the vignette (p. 6, 

I'm using R 2.12.1 with 'quantreg' v4.53 on Windows XP.

I hope anyone can help?

Best regards,
Jan Henckens

jan.henckens | jöllenbecker str. 58 | 33613 bielefeld
tel 0521-5251970

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