[R] Axes Alignment Problem for Multiple Plots

mat matthieu.stigler at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 22:58:56 CEST 2011

Ok, I can replicate your problem, with following code:

dat <- 1:10
    barplot(dat, beside=TRUE,ylim=c(0,100));
    plot(dat, ylim=c(0,100), type="l");

So it looks like even if you specify yourself ylim, the resulting 
effective ylim (usr[3:4] ) will be different! More surprinsingly, 
setting the usr parameter before is not effective:
    par(new=T, usr=c(0,11,0,100));

this will not prevent    par()$usr; to be different than fixed :-(

No idea, but hopefully someone else on the list will be able to provide 


Le 19. 04. 11 20:47, John Kane a écrit :
> What is Coredata(Z0)?
> It would be very useful. as the posting guidelines suggest to supply working code and sample data.
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>> Dear all,
>>     I'm trying to plot, in the same window,
>> two different series, using barplot() for the first one and
>> plot() for the second. What happens is that the second chart
>> has a different axes origin, therefore the final plot is
>> wrong. This piece of code shows the differences between the
>> values of par()$usr:
>>     barplot(coredata(Z0), beside=TRUE,
>> ylim=c(0,100));
>>     par()$usr;
>>     par(new=T);
>>     plot(coredata(Z0), ylim=c(0,100));
>>     par()$usr;
>> I would like to know how it is possible to edit the values
>> of par()$usr[3:4] of the second chart in order to be the
>> same of the first one or, alternatively, how can I plot
>> together bar and line series within the same reference
>> system.
>> Best Regards
>> Guido Barbaglia
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