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> Dear Anna,
> Rolf's explanation not withstanding, it has to do with differences in
> how R and Excel treat dates.  If you use
> as.Date(40182, origin="1899-12-30")
> you will get the same date as Excel.  You can look at:
> http://office.microsoft.com/training/training.aspx?AssetID=RC102786151033&CTT=
> 6&Origin=RP102786121033
> For an official guide on how Excel dates are calculated.  Apparently,
> Excel's calendar starts on 1 January 1900.  Why one has to use an
> origin of 30 December 1899 in R...well, I suspect that gets back to
> Rolf's explanation.
> HTH,
> Josh

The reason one must use 1899-12-30, as the origin, is 
1. Excel treats 1900-01-01 as day 1, but as.Date() teats the origin as day 0.
2. According to Wikipedia, Excel copied the Lotus 1-2-3 error of making 1900 a leap year (an extra day)

That accounts for the two day difference.

Hope this is helpful,


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