[R] Executable for Production Use

Stefan stefan.petersson at inizio.se
Mon Mar 8 22:13:51 CET 2010

Ma Ismail - NewYork-MEAG-NY <ima <at> meag-ny.com> writes:

> Hi,
> A few of the developers on our Quant team are using R for data 
calculation andto generate a resulting CSV file. They have R 
installed on their workstations. We are interested in having this 
deployed to user workstations where the users will not have R 
installed on their workstations. Is there a way to create an 
executable that the users can  just run without R installed on 
their workstation?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Ismail Ma
> Head of IT Applications
> MEAG New York Corporation
> Telephone: (212) 583-4850
> Fax: (646) 521-7950
> E-Mail: ima <at> meag-ny.com<mailto:ima <at> meag-ny.com>

Maybe I've misunderstood You, but You can manage a single R 
installation on a central server, and let clients hook up to 
it from Emacs+ESS or Eclipse+StatET. I've used both solutions, 
and they work like a charm... The emacs solution uses SSH and 
Eclipse a Java server thingy.

Plz note that I'm from the Linux side of things. So my server 
is a Debian, and my clients are all Ubuntu. I have no clue how 
(or even if) these setups work on windows.

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