[R] Slightly OT: Does anyone use latex2rtf with sweave output ?

Sharpie chuck at sharpsteen.net
Sun Feb 28 19:03:40 CET 2010

Paul Hurley wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to use R (and Sweave) to pull some data out of a database and 
> produce some standard reports.  unfortunaltey, the people who want the 
> reports want them in an editable format so they can add wordy bits to 
> the automatically generate tables and graphs.
> My current plan is to use R to call a standard sweave document and pass 
> variables to tell what data to pull out of the db, then use latex2rtf to 
> turn the tex file into rtf.  However I'm stuck with latex2rtf.  It's 
> chocking on some of the latex that sweave wrote (such as {Schunk} 
> {Soutput} {Sinput}.  Has anyone used latex2rtf succesfully with sweave 
> and is willing to share their experiences ?
> Thanks
> Paul.

Some possibilities:

- Use a different output format that can be more easily converted to Word or
RTF.  Possibilities are HTML via the R2HTML Sweave driver or an Open Office
document via the odfWeave driver.

- Use a different report generation tool that doesn't add as much extra
markup to the output, such as brew.

- Try converting the tex to HTML instead of RTF-- plasTeX or tex4ht may be
more robust (though I still doubt they would know what to do with the
Schunk, Sin and Sout tags as those are non-standard LaTeX).

I happen to be working on a project that may end up doing the same thing--
automatically generated reports containing summary graphs and tables.  I
love LaTeX myself, but I'm currently planning to produce the reports in HTML
format just in case someone less typographically inclined needs to edit

Good luck!

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