[R] Slightly OT: Does anyone use latex2rtf with sweave output ?

Frank E Harrell Jr f.harrell at Vanderbilt.Edu
Sun Feb 28 16:40:22 CET 2010

Paul wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to use R (and Sweave) to pull some data out of a database and 
> produce some standard reports.  unfortunaltey, the people who want the 
> reports want them in an editable format so they can add wordy bits to 
> the automatically generate tables and graphs.
> My current plan is to use R to call a standard sweave document and pass 
> variables to tell what data to pull out of the db, then use latex2rtf to 
> turn the tex file into rtf.  However I'm stuck with latex2rtf.  It's 
> chocking on some of the latex that sweave wrote (such as {Schunk} 
> {Soutput} {Sinput}.  Has anyone used latex2rtf succesfully with sweave 
> and is willing to share their experiences ?
> Thanks
> Paul.

More general solutions may be found at 

One of the many solutions posted there is an interesting web site that 
converts pdf output to Word remarkably well.  Our web page has the pdf 
and resulting .doc file for an advanced example containing complex 
tables containing micrographics in some of the table cells.  Simpler 
html conversions are also worth trying.


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