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>>>> (Corrections/additional information welcome!)
>>> My recollection is that the BMD programs (which, in a later version,
>>> became BMDP) predated SAS and were specifically for BioMeDical
>>> analysis.
>> How could I forget those! Yes, my old (as in 1980-1985) boss at the
>> University hospital even had the manual in the office. It wasn't a
>> statistical system though, more a suite of single-purpose computer
>> programs with a rigid control-card specification format.
>> BTW, they were apparently put in the public domain by UCLA, but I wonder
>> where they went?
> I believe BMDP was bought by SPSS around 1996.  SPSS also purchased Systat in that same time period I believe.
> Dan

Statistical Solutions has BMDP, along with NCSS and nQuery, etc:


I was going to reference BMDP from my memories of some folks that used it back in the 80's, but was away at a meeting and then I noted Doug's reference to it.

SPSS sold Systat to a group in India (Cranes Software) , which then re-constituted Systat Software:


StatView was another of those early programs dating from the mid-to-late 80's that went through various incarnations, was eventually bought by SAS, which then shut it down in favor of JMP.


Marc Schwartz

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