[R] Update problem? Rcmdr disappears, won't re-open

G. Jay Kerns gkerns at ysu.edu
Tue Feb 2 21:56:14 CET 2010

Dear Brian,

On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 3:02 PM, briancady413 <briancady413 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> WinXP, R 2.10.1
> I just updated R, and now have trouble. Perhaps it was the method I used to
> keep all the packages.
> I copied all the new packages from 2.10.1 back into the 2.10.0 folder, then
> copied them and all the others I've previously added from the 2.10.0 folder
> and pasted them back into 2.10.1's appropriate folder.
> Is this the source of my troubles?
> I am trying unsuccessfully to open RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR from within Rcmdr, via
> the pulldown tools menu.
> It insists I restart Rcmdr, which I let happen, then Rcmdr doesn't restart,
> and then I can not restart it using R's package loading function either.
> Please excuse the vast amount of text, below - I don't know what is and
> isn't relevant.

I am not exactly sure what the problem is and do not have time to
investigate at this exact moment, but until I get a chance to look at
it might I suggest that you try


at the command prompt when Rcmdr shuts down (and will not return);  it
is the basic way to restart Rcmdr when it goes away.

I will have to boot into Windows later this evening to investigate,
but in the meantime you may want to post your sessionInfo().  I have
run RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR on R-2.10.1, Windows XP, as recently as
yesterday during class without any problems.

Gotta go for now.

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