[R] Gamma & Lognormal Model

Michael Dewey info at aghmed.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Dec 28 15:08:42 CET 2010

At 20:08 27/12/2010, Louisa wrote:

>I'm very new to R Gui and I have to make an assignment on Gamma Regressions.
>Surfing on the web doesn't help me very much so i hope this forum may be a
>step forward.

Well since you are so honest about it being homework try Googling for
lognormal gamma regression
The top hit from where I am sitting is an extensive set of notes with 
examples in R although beware the use of _ for <-

>The question sounds as follows:
>The data set is in the library MASS
>first install library(MASS)
>then type data(mammals)

At this point you should complain that you are being taught poor 
practice as it is nearly always better to use the data= parameter and 
not attach data frames.

>Fit the gamma model and lognormal model for the mammals data.
>I appreciate any help you can provide.
>Best Wishes,
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Michael Dewey

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