[R] Gamma & Lognormal Model

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 22:58:55 CET 2010

On 10-12-27 3:08 PM, Louisa wrote:
> Dear,
> I'm very new to R Gui and I have to make an assignment on Gamma Regressions.
> Surfing on the web doesn't help me very much so i hope this forum may be a
> step forward.

This forum isn't for homework.  You should ask your instructor for help.

Duncan Murdoch

> The question sounds as follows:
> The data set is in the library MASS
> first install library(MASS)
> then type data(mammals)
> attach(mammals)
> Assignment:
> Fit the gamma model and lognormal model for the mammals data.
> I appreciate any help you can provide.
> Best Wishes,
> Louisa

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