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On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 11:37 AM, matteop <mprato at iese.edu> wrote:
> Hello R User,
> I am new in R and trying to migrate from SAS. I have to convert a table that
> look like this
> YEAR    FIRM            ID_NAME         VALUE
> 1994    Microsoft       John Doe                5
> 1994    Microsoft       Mark Smith              3
> 1994    Microsoft       David Ring              2
> In this:
> YEAR    FIRM            ID1             vALUE   ID2             VALUE
> 1994    Microsoft       John Doe        5               Mark Smith              3
> 1994    Microsoft       John Doe        5               David Ring              2
> 1994    Microsoft       Mark Smith      3               David Ring              2
> I have to do it for all the possible pair combination of ID_Name linked to
> the same firm for any given year in my sample.
> Do you have any suggestion?

Here are a few possibilities:

1. merge/subset

subset(merge(DF, DF, by = 1:2), as.character(ID_NAME.x) <

2. sqldf with default names

sqldf("select * from DF a join DF b using(YEAR, FIRM)
  where a.ID_NAME < b.ID_NAME", method = "raw")

Its important that you use method = "raw" to override the automatic
class assignment heuristic which in this case tries to assign factors
to the ID_NAME columns but gets the factor levels wrong.  If you use
method = "raw" it should work ok here.

3. sqldf with new names

This also works and does not need method = "raw":

sqldf("select YEAR, FIRM,
   from DF a join DF b using(YEAR, FIRM)
   where a.ID_NAME < b.ID_NAME")

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