[R] library(Defaults) throws "evaluation nested too deeply"

nbest937 nbest at ci.uchicago.edu
Mon Dec 13 17:37:57 CET 2010

Can anybody tell me why this is happening?

> library( Defaults)
> ls()
 [1] "class"              "foo"                "mlct"              
 [4] "mlctTheme"          "overlayFunction"    "pct"               
 [7] "pri"                "primaryFraction"    "reclassFractions"  
[10] "reclassMatrix"      "reclassNames"       "sec"               
[13] "thumb"              "thumbCheck"         "thumbForest"       
[16] "thumbFractions"     "thumbFractions5min" "thumbStack"        
> ls(all.names=TRUE)
 [1] ".Random.seed"       ".help.ESS"          "class"             
 [4] "foo"                "mlct"               "mlctTheme"         
 [7] "overlayFunction"    "pct"                "pri"               
[10] "primaryFraction"    "reclassFractions"   "reclassMatrix"     
[13] "reclassNames"       "sec"                "thumb"             
[16] "thumbCheck"         "thumbForest"        "thumbFractions"    
[19] "thumbFractions5min" "thumbStack"        
> setDefaults(ls, all.names=TRUE)
> ls()
Error: evaluation nested too deeply: infinite recursion /

I got similar results trying to set defaults for unlist() and threw up my
hands, but keep thinking about how useful it would be.

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