[R] Optimize multiple variable sets

Jonathan P Daily jdaily at usgs.gov
Mon Dec 6 15:57:26 CET 2010

I suppose I should have been more clear. I saw that her interval did not 
include the actual minimum, but I was asking if (and if, why) she was 
expecting the minimum x value to be different for each run. If the y value 
were returned the same on each run that would be puzzling.

As for the returned x issue, you are correct that it is a 'tol' issue: 
reducing tol to something reasonably low approximates the min fairly well.
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peter dalgaard <pdalgd at gmail.com> wrote on 12/06/2010 09:39:43 AM:

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> Re: [R] Optimize multiple variable sets
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> Jonathan P Daily
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> On Dec 6, 2010, at 15:15 , Jonathan P Daily wrote:
> > Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the minimal x value in your example 
> > same regardless of what positive coefficient you apply to x? If that 
> > the case, you would expect the same min(x) for each iteration.
> > 
> > i.e. in the interval [0,1] the minimum x value of x^2 + x is the same 
> > x^2 + 100000000*x, at x = 0.
> You're wrong --- slightly. The returned $minimum is the x, the y is 
> $objective. But the interval given doesn't bracket the minimum, as 
> you'll clearly see if you put int=c(-10,10). The only puzzling bit 
> is that optimize() doesn't actually return the left endpoint, but 
> rather the first evaluation point inside the interval. The rather 
> wide tolerance of .Machine$double.eps^0.25  == 0.0001220703 probably
> plays a role in this.
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