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On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 9:56 PM, Luis Felipe Parra
<felipe.parra at quantil.com.co> wrote:
> Hello, I want to change the day of the month in a date object. What I am
> doing at the moment is:
> x=as.POSIXlt(x)
> x$mday=13
> x=as.Date(x)
> Does anybody know if there is a more "natural" (eficient) way to do this

Here are a couple of ways to change the date to the 13th of the month.
The first way converts d to character and replaces the last two
characters with the new day and then converts back to Date.   The
second converts to a "yearmon" object which when converted back to
"Date" becomes the first of the month.  Adding thirteen to that minus
1 gives the 13th of the month.

# test data
d <- as.Date("2001-04-15")

# 1
as.Date(sub("..$", 13, d))

# 2
as.Date(as.yearmon(d)) + 13 - 1

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