[R] Can JRI access user's packages on Vista?

Chris Pudney chris at focal-technologies.com
Wed Dec 1 04:40:50 CET 2010


I've developed a Java application that uses JRI to make use of the ptw 
package: http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/ptw/index.html

On Linux (Ubuntu 10.04, R 2.10.1, JRI 0.5.0) it works fine.

However, on Vista (R 2.12.0, JRI 0.5.0) when the application evaluates 
"library(ptw)" the following error occurs:

Error in library(ptw) : object 'ptw' not found

When I run R from the Vista command-line and issue the "library(ptw)" 
command there is no problem.

If I copy the ptw package from my %USER_HOME%\Documents\R\win-library to 
%R_HOME%\library then the problem goes away.  However, I don't want my 
users to have to do this, in fact, some might not have permission to do so.

Therefore, how can I get JRI to invoke an R-Engine that has access to 
packages that the user has installed in their 


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