[R] using double loops and saving the data

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Mon Apr 12 03:23:28 CEST 2010


I am the first R user, I have met some problem and I am seeking for help.

I am estimating the wealth of a shareholder.
First, I simulated 10000 set of price, each set of price contains 5200
prices which reflect the price goes up and down through out the year.

Price  # consists of all set the price

After that, I use each set of price to calculate the wealth for each sample
(10000) and save the data in a character, so, I do this :

q <- 0.9
Wealth <- list()
for (s in 1:10000) {
for (i in 1:5200){
Ca[i+1] <- Cash(i,q,Price[[s]][i+1])
Sh[i+1] <- Share(i,q,Price[[s]][i+1])
Po[i+1] <- Position(i,q,Price[[s]][i+1])
Wealth[[s]][i] <- Ca[i+1]+Po[i+1]

*note = Ca, Sh, and Po are the vectors with length of 5200, and the Cash,
Share and Position are functions that I created by myself. I am very sure
that these can be work properly.
Ca, Sh and Po will change when it use difference set of price ( I think).

After I run them, it gave the error message: Error in `*tmp*`[[s]] :
subscript out of bounds

I could run all this when I had just 1 set of price :
for (i in 1:5200){
Ca[i+1] <- Cash(i,q,Price[i+1])
Sh[i+1] <- Share(i,q,Price[i+1])
Po[i+1] <- Position(i,q,Price[i+1])
Wealth[[s]][i] <- Ca[i+1]+Po[i+1]

So, I wonder the error occurs on that I use the double loops in improper way
or the data I save in incorrect way.

hope you can understand what I am asking and I appreciate that you answer my
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