[R] a publication quality table for summary.zeroinfl()

Chris Fowler csfowler at u.washington.edu
Sat Oct 31 07:35:06 CET 2009

I will swallow my pride and post to this list for the second time in 24 
hours--I have a paper due to a reviewer and I am desperate.

Has anybody written code to move the output from "summary()" called on 
the results of a zeroinfl() model (from the pscl package) into a form 
suitable for publication?

  When I hit send on this message I am going to begin hand typing stars 
into a spreadsheet.

The problem is that the zero-inflated model has two parts: a count and a 
zero portion--its coefficients are stored in separate arrays and there 
is a Log(theta) that needs to be thrown in there that is in a completely 
separate place in the structure of the summary function. As a result the 
functions that I have found for outputting summaries of other linear 
models all give error messages when attempted on this summary object.

My ideal would be to gather the information onto the clipboard so I 
could paste it into Excel and do the formatting there, but any approach 
would be better than what I have now.



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