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CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week

New packages

* cudaBayesreg (0.1-1)
  Adelino Ferreira da Silva

  Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) is a software platform for
  massively parallel high-performance computing on NVIDIA GPUs. This
  package provides a CUDA implementation of a Bayesian multilevel
  model for the analysis of brain fMRI data. A fMRI data set consists
  of time series of volume data in 4D space. Typically, volumes are
  collected as slices of 64 x 64 "voxels". Analysis of fMRI data often
  relies on fitting linear regression models at each voxel of the
  brain. The volume of the data to be processed, and the type of
  statistical analysis to perform in fMRI analysis, call for
  high-performance computing strategies. In this package, the CUDA
  programming model uses a separate thread for fitting a linear
  regression model at each voxel in parallel. The global statistical
  model implements a Gibbs Sampler for hierarchical linear models with
  a normal prior. This model has been proposed by Rossi, Allenby and
  McCulloch in "Bayesian Statistics and Marketing", Chapter 3, and is
  referred to as "rhierLinearModel" in the R-package "bayesm". A
  notebook equipped with a NVIDIA "GeForce 8400M GS" card having
  Compute Capability 1.1 has been used in the tests.

* DesignPatterns (0.1.0)
  Jitao David Zhang

  Design patterns are building blocks of reusable object-oriented
  software projects. This package provides data structures and tools
  to implement, study and reuse design patterns, especially the ones
  introduced in the book 'Gang of Four'.

* geneARMA (1.0)
  Timothy McMurry

  Fit models for periodic gene expression to time-course microarray data
  in a normal mixture model framework with mean approximated by a
  truncated Fourier series and covariance structure modeled by an
  ARMA(p,q) process.  Estimation is performed with the EM algorithm.

* SAFD (0.02)
  Wolfgang Trutschnig

  The aim of the package is to provide some basic functions for doing
  statistics with one dimensional Fuzzy Data (in the form of polygonal
  fuzzy numbers). In particular, the package contains functions for
  the basic operations on the class of fuzzy numbers (sum, scalar
  product, mean, Hukuhara difference) as well as for calculating
  (Bertoluzza) distance, sample variance, sample covariance, sample
  correlation, and the Dempster-Shafer (levelwise) histogram. Moreover
  a function to simulate fuzzy random variables, bootstrap tests for
  the equality of means, and a function to do linear regression given
  trapezoidal fuzzy data is included.

* season (0.2-2)
  Adrian Barnett

  Routines for the seasonal analysis of health data, including
  regression models, time-stratified case-crossover, plotting
  functions and residual checks.

* skellam (0.0-8-7)
  Jerry W. Lewis

  Functions for the Skellam distribution, including: density (pmf), cdf,
  quantiles and random variates.

* textcat (0.0-1)
  Kurt Hornik

  Text categorization based on n-grams

Updated packages

AICcmodavg (1.03), amap (0.8-4), AnalyzeFMRI (1.1-11), aroma.apd
(0.1.7), BayesDA (1.0-1), bestglm (0.14), BiodiversityR (1.4), cem
(1.0.116), cem (1.0.120), cem (1.0.117), classInt (0.1-13), clim.pact
(2.2-39), clusterSim (0.36-6), contrast (0.12), date (1.2-29),
diveMove (0.9.6), dlnm (1.1.0), doBy (4.0.5), doBy (4.0.4), DPpackage
(1.0-8), e1071 (1.5-20), ElemStatLearn (0.1-7), FITSio (1.1-0), FKF
(0.1.0), frailtypack (2.2-9.5), gam (1.01), geiger (1.3-1), glmulti
(0.5-3), gplots (2.7.3), httpRequest (0.0.8), introgress (1.2.1), irr
(0.80), isotone (1.0-0), KFAS (0.4.5), KFAS (0.4.6), lme4
(0.999375-32), Mcomp (2.01), mixtools (0.4.3), multmod (0.6), multtest
(2.1.3), pastecs (1.3-10), PBSmodelling (2.50.162), plink (1.2-2), PMA
(1.0.4), qcc (2.0), quantreg (4.43), R.oo (1.6.2), R2wd (1.1), rbounds
(0.4), RcmdrPlugin.DoE (0.6), relaimpo (2.1-4), RelativeRisk (1.1-1),
ringscale (0.1.2), RPostgreSQL (0.1-6), rsm (1.20), sdcMicro (2.6.2),
SimComp (1.4.2), skmeans (0.1-2), slam (0.1-6), snp.plotter (0.3),
spatstat (1.17-0), spdep (0.4-50), svmpath (0.93), tau (0.0-4),
twitteR (0.1.2)

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