[R] Problem Removing Border Lines in Maps Package

Ray Brownrigg Ray.Brownrigg at ecs.vuw.ac.nz
Sat Oct 24 22:15:36 CEST 2009

Have a look at:
map("county", fill=TRUE , col=palette() , resolution=0, lty=0)

Ray Brownrigg

Anthony Damico wrote:
> I'm working with the nationwide county maps data, and trying to remove the
> internal county boundary lines.  The only map() function parameter that I've
> found that gets me anywhere close to my desired result leaves small white
> segments on parts of the map.  I believe this is due to the low resolution,
> because when I look at individual states, the lty parameter solves the
> problem.  Does anyone have any idea how I might draw a United States county
> map without these white borders making the map look sloppy?
> library(maps)
> #county map of new jersey, with invisible county borders -- correct example
> map("county","new jersey", fill=TRUE , col=palette() , lty=0)
> #county map of the united states, with white county borders still visible
> some places
> map("county", fill=TRUE , col=palette() , lty=0)
> Thanks

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