[R] : Question about correlation between data.

antoniogonelli at libero.it antoniogonelli at libero.it
Fri Oct 16 15:24:05 CEST 2009

hi everybody, I'm a student, and I'm new using R! 
I'm looking for statistical 
help hoping somebody can answer me! 

This is my problem: 
I have 2 temporal 
series. The firstone is a series of mesured data (height of monitorated 
points), the second is a series of temperature (in Celsius degree). 

Matlab I have built  the two graphs (Measured Data - Time & Temperature - 

Looking those graphs I can surely say that there is a clear 
correlation beetween theme, and also that the measured data are surely 
influenced by the variations of temperature. 

Unfortunately my statistical 
knowledges are not that large so using R seems quite difficult to me. 

question is: is there a code already written the can compare the 2 temporal 
series and can find the correlation between the data??? 
And also: is there a 
code that can correct the Measured Data from the influence of temperature and 
return a clean data??? 

if you want I can send you the .txt file with data. 

Antonio Gonelli - University of Ferrara - Italy

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