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Mon Oct 12 02:18:13 CEST 2009

A.J. Rossini wrote:
> Ubuntu is a commercial distribution, for loose definitions of commercial.
> Why shouldn't they cut a deal with Revolution, who is doing a very similar
> thing? 
> If you want something closer to the ideal of volunteer-driven free as in
> beer and speech, you'll need to stick with Debian.
> Canonical and Revolution have very similar business models. And they just
> happen to have similar relationships to volunteer-driven development in
> Debian and R-Core.
> -tony

I sincerely hope I did not come across as overly negative in my original
query. I am glad that companies such as Canonical (Ubuntu) and REvolutions
Computing (R-Project) are able to build business plans via free software.
Although Canonical has a less than perfect track-record when it comes to
releasing all of it's code (example - UbuntuOne _server_ code), it appears
REvolution Computing has released the code to it's extensions.

I do however wish there had been more communication to end-users about this
change. Had the REvolution extensions merely been added to the Ubuntu
repositories, such communication would have been less important. But, R now
starts with a message about installing the REvolution Computing extensions
if it can't find them. My OP was an attempt to learn more about the nature
of the changes (did they affect r-core) and the maturity/dependability of
these extensions.

Truthfully, I'm looking forward to the next project where I can some of this
out. The foreach() function seems really really nifty. (I can't believe I
just said something positive about using a loop in R.)

All that being said, I would agree that a purist would probably find Debian
to be a better match. But, I am not much of a purist.
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