[R] acf for a univariate time series in a data frame

CJ Rubio cjrubio at kongju.ac.kr
Thu Oct 8 09:48:32 CEST 2009

hi everyone!

i want to check the autocorrelation function for a univariate time series
(streamflow) in a data frame as below:

< DF <- read.table("D:/file path....")
< DF

year      jan      feb      mar      apr ......   dec
1966   0.504   0.406   0.740   0.241       0.429
1967   0.683   0.529   0.780   0.443       0.503

what i first tried is:
acf (DF, plot = TRUE)

the resulting plot is correlation between each month ( jan, jan and feb, feb
and march....).

what i need is a correlation that would help me find out which lag would be
the most significant. i know i am missing out something simple here. please
bear with me.

should i transform my data frame into a vector of series:

< DF

01/1966   0.504
02/1966   0.406
03/1966   0.740

before i do the command
acf(DF, plot = TRUE)???
thanks in advance!
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