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Fri May 15 19:04:22 CEST 2009


I am a beginner in R and statistics, so my question may be trivial. Sorry in
I performed a Cox proportion hazard regression with 2 categorical variables
with cph{design}. Then an anova on the results.
the output is 

> anova(cph(surv(survival, censor) ~ plant + leaf.age + plant*leaf.age,
> Mpnymph)

                Wald Statistics          Response: Surv(survival, censored) 

 Factor                                                    Chi-Square d.f. P     
 plant  (Factor+Higher Order Factors)             96.96     12   <.0001
  All Interactions                                               10.58     
6   0.1022
 leaf.age  (Factor+Higher Order Factors)          29.11      7   0.0001
  All Interactions                                                 10.58     
6   0.1022
 plant * leaf.age  (Factor+Higher Order Factors)  10.58      6   0.1022
 TOTAL                                           106.63     13   <.0001

What do "All interaction" stand for?
The real df of for plant is 6 and 1 for leaf.age. Then, which chi square is
one for my main factors anf their interaction.

thank you,
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