[R] selecting points on 3D scatterplots

John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Fri May 15 14:51:39 CEST 2009

Dear list members,

I was out of town when this message arrived and so didn't respond at the
time. I did respond to a private email from the poster.

Yes, the scatter3d() function in the Rcmdr package can identify points in 3D
scatterplots drawn with rgl via the identify3d() function in the same
package. Points are identified by right-clicking and dragging. The nice()
function is in the car package, one of the "suggested" packages for the
Rcmdr package.


---------- original message ----------

It looks like Rcmdr may be able to select points on 3D scatterplots
however when I try to use it's 3dscatter plot function I get the error
message:  could not find function "nice"

If I copy the code:

scatter3d(data$X, data$Z, data$Y, surface=FALSE, residuals=TRUE, bg="white",
+ axis.scales=TRUE, grid=TRUE, ellipsoid=FALSE, xlab="X", ylab="Z",

into the R console I get the same error message. Sorry I'm new - does
anyone know where this missing "nice" function can be found?

I tried using scatterplot3d but it doesn't rotate or zoom - which I
need to be able to do to select the data... but thanks for the

. . .

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