[R] Re ading from a Database

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Wed Mar 18 19:07:45 CET 2009

DonkeyRhubarb <michaeligoe <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I'm quite new to R and have limited experience. What Im trying to do is very
> important as it is part of my final year project; or more so the central
> idea behind it.
> I will be creating BibTex files to enter into a mySQL database. I then need
> to perform operations on this DB like 'return studies similar to x'.
> It's really just getting a start at this that I'm having trouble with and if
> anyone could offer any advice whatsoever I would be more than grateful.
> Many thanks.

  Hmmm.  This sounds much more like a database question than
an R question.  R has various interfaces (RmySQL, RODBC, etc)
for interfaces to relational databases.  Section 4 of the
R data import/export manual gives quite a bit of detail.
I think that if you need more information on SQL queries etc.
you need to start with a local source (who is the advisor
for your project?)

  good luck
    Ben Bolker

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