[R] Re peated ANOVA or nested ANOVA, or parallel one way ANOVA six times?

Dieter Menne dieter.menne at menne-biomed.de
Fri Mar 6 14:28:40 CET 2009

janey ding <janeding1 <at> hotmail.com> writes:

> Sorry!
> In my experiment, there are two type of soil ( soil F and soil D), each half
> of them were subjected to steam sterilize (result in FS and DS soil). A
> equal volume of soil from two of the four soil types (F, D, FS, DS) were
> mixed as follows: F+F, F+D, F+FS, F+DS, D+F, D+FS, D+DS, FS+DS (eight
> treatment).
> Two type of plant (A, B) were planted in the eight treatment of soil in pot.
> There were 40 pots divided into 5 groups (8 pots for each group) for each
> treatment*plant combination. Finally there were 80 groups for plant A and B
> in total. The 40 groups for plant A were randomly arranged in plot 1, and
> for plant B in plot 2.
> The experiment were sampled for three times. In each sampling date, one pot
> was randomly choosing from each group to measure biomass (80 pot for
> sampling date).

Looks like a split-block experiment. You should check  # 1.6 at the bottom 
of library\nlme\scripts\Ch01.R, the package nlme, and the book by Pinheiro/


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