[R] Re peated ANOVA or nested ANOVA, or parallel one way ANOVA six times?

janey ding janeding1 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 6 12:55:29 CET 2009

Hi, every body!

I am a new comer for R, so my question would unavoidablely sounds stupid.

In my experiment, there are two type of soil ( soil F and soil D), each half
of them were subjected to steam sterilize (result in FS and DS soil). A
equal volume of soil from two of the four soil types (F, D, FS, DS) were
mixed as follows: F+F, F+D, F+FS, F+DS, D+F, D+FS, D+DS, FS+DS (eight

Two type of plant (A, B) were planted in the eight treatment of soil in pot.
There were 40 pots divided into 5 groups (8 pots for each group) for each
treatment*plant combination. Finally there were 80 groups for plant A and B
in total. The 40 groups for plant A were randomly arranged in plot 1, and
for plant B in plot 2.

The experiment were sampled for three times. In each sampling date, one pot
was randomly choosing from each group to measure biomass (80 pot for
sampling date).

Now my question are as follow:

If different plant respond to soil treatment differently?

If plant's react to soil treatment deppends on time?

If soil F and D differed significantly in effects on plant biomass?

If soil sterilization have any aditional effects on plant biomass in this

Which is the most important factor for biomass accumulation?

I can't figure out wether a repeated ANOVA or nested ANOVA, or a parallel
one way ANOVA six times is right for this experiment.

It seems not so feasible to run six paralle one way ANOVA for each plant and
sampling date combination for the questions above. It takes me a long time
to learn lme4 package in R, but till now fruitless.

Would anybody recommend me a model and formula for these questions? Thank

Now you can see, my English is equally well as my statistics! Sorry again!

Jane Ding

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