[R] Inefficiency of SAS Programming

Girish A.R. garamach at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 15:34:00 CET 2009

On Mar 3, 9:58 am, Ajay ohri <ohri2... at gmail.com> wrote:
> for an " inefficient " language , it sure has dominated the predictive
> analytics world for 3 plus decades.
> I referred once to intellectual jealousy between newton and liebnitz.
> i am going ahead and creating the R package called "Anne".
> It basically is meant only for SAS users who want to learn R ,
> without upsetting the schedule of the corporate users.
> Simply put , it is a wrapper on SAS language using the function command...ie
> procunivariate function in "Anne" package would call the summary function
> and so on...
> Regards,
> Ajay
> www.decisionstats.com
Bob Muenchen's book "R for SAS and SPSS users" provides a systematic
transition plan (if I may use that term) for SAS and SPSS users
intending to work on/migrate to R. Having been a newly transformed R
user myself, I'm inclined to believe that creating yet another package
that just houses some SAS procedures--sounding names for data
manipulation/summarization would add to fair bit of confusion.

my $.02..


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