[R] installing R on Ubuntu

Paul Heinrich Dietrich paul.heinrich.dietrich at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 15:07:44 CET 2009

I would really like to see a good introduction to Emacs, and will check out
that link.  I know that Emacs and ESS are supposed to be the best, and are
the most customizable.  The reason I put the R Commander GUI instead of
Emacs/ESS is because in my first attempt to get R on Ubuntu Linux, I did
successfully get Emacs/ESS working (sadly, I don't remember how exactly),
but found it too frustrating.  Again, I'm sure it's the best in the end, but
here's what was driving me nuts:

Copy/Paste is not Ctrl-c and Ctrl-v...I figured it out, but don't remember
what it is.
Entering a _ automatically creates a <-, and you must enter __ to get _.
There is no "stop" button (hopefully there is one in R Commander, haven't
explored yet).
It kept trying to establish a working directory, and was inconsistent in
when it would accept what directory.

I was also looking at the JGS GUI.  Online screenshots look incredible, but
I didn't go with it because it depends on Java, which is not open-source,
and I'm really liking that philosophy, but to each his own.

Thanks for the link, I'm anxious to try to figure out Emacs/ESS. I'll go
look at it now.  Cheers.
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