[R] Problem with Rmpi and snow - makeCluster(type="MPI") not working

Rainer M Krug r.m.krug at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 15:45:04 CET 2008


I managed tio install Rmpi and to load it, but I get the following
errormessage when I try to create an MPI cluster and R hangs (no

[head001:15781] mca: base: component_find: unable to open osc pt2pt:
file not found (ignored)
> library(snow)
> cl <- makeCluster(2, type = "MPI")
Rscript execution error: No such file or directory
Rscript execution error: No such file or directory

I am using the following version:

> version
platform       x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
arch           x86_64
os             linux-gnu
system         x86_64, linux-gnu
major          2
minor          7.2
year           2008
month          08
day            25
svn rev        46428
language       R
version.string R version 2.7.2 (2008-08-25)

Any help welcome,


Rainer M. Krug, PhD (Conservation Ecology, SUN), MSc (Conservation
Biology, UCT), Dipl. Phys. (Germany)

Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology
Faculty of Science
Natural Sciences Building
Private Bag X1
University of Stellenbosch
Matieland 7602
South Africa

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