[R] Function for translation of a list into a matrix as used by ordination?

Billy_Schweiger at nps.gov Billy_Schweiger at nps.gov
Mon Jan 28 18:53:42 CET 2008

Thanks for all who commented on this question.

It turns out that there is a nice set of functions in library BiodiversityR
that translate a stack or list input data file to a community matrix:

import.from.Excel(file = file.choose(), sheet = "community", sitenames =
    column = "species", value = "abundance", factor = "", level = "")
import.from.Access(file = file.choose(), table = "community", sitenames =
    column = "species", value = "abundance", factor = "", level = "")

I believe the other contributions set to the list worked to varying degrees
as well.


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