[R] how to specify a particular contrast

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Fri Jan 18 01:21:50 CET 2008

Hi, I am running a simple one-way ANOVA with an
independent factot variable "treat" (3 levels: a, b
and c) and a response variable "y". I want to test a
linear relationship of the response among the 3 levels
of the variable "treat" (ordered a->b->c). I used
glht() from multcomp package. Later I found out I need
to exclude the situation where the response at the 3
levels of "treat" are equal. I can do separate
contrasts to test them separately:

  ### testing a=b=c
summary(glht(obj, linfct= mcp
  ### testing linear relationship among a,b and c
summary(glht(obj, linfct= mcp

Is there anyway to build one contrast that tests both
at the same time, i.e. just generate one single p
value. Because the ultimate purpose was to test the
linear relationship among the 3 levels of the variable
"treat". Or I am asking something that is non-sensible
to do?


John Zhang

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