[R] savehistory in OSX version

Peter Dalgaard P.Dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Mon Jan 14 16:34:46 CET 2008

Rob Goedman wrote:
> Roger,
> The history features on Mac OS's R.app are handled by R.app
> and is a (small) superset of R's facilties, e.g. it supports multi-line
> history recalls.
> A disadvantage of this approach is that it's not possible to use
> R's history() and savehistory() nor make usage completely
> identical. The actual history files do 'interoperate', although
> you will loose the multiline feature.
That is actually the same in the readline-based terminal interface on
Unix/Linux: If you terminate a line with C-v C-j, then it is recalled
along with the subsequent line(s) by up-arrow. And history() et al. also
discard the grouping of lines there.

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