[R] Problem installing packages

Owe Jessen jessen at econinfo.de
Wed Apr 30 17:13:23 CEST 2008

Owe Jessen schrieb:
> Hi,
> when I try installing new packages (in this case DBI) I run into the 
> following problem:
> Paket 'DBI' erfolgreich ausgepackt und MD5 Summen abgeglichen
> Warnung: kann temporäre Installation 
> 'C:\Programme\R\R-2.7.0\library\file5f906952\DBI' nicht nach 
>xlDÌú $@\R\R-2.7.0\libra' verschieben
> Has anybody any idea where these strange symbols come from?
> Thanks in advance,
> Owe
Excuse me for not giving much detail:

The OS is Win XP SP2, R is 2.7.0, DBI is 0.2-4, the mirror was 
Göttingen, but I had similar problems with Zürich.

A rough translation of the warning is: " Package 'DBI' successfully 
extracted and MD5 sums successfully checked. Warning: cannot move 
temporary installation 
'C:\Programme\R\R-2.7.0\library\file5f906952\DBI' to 'Ý
$@\R\R-2.7.0\libra'". The cryptic part is not constant when i repeat 
the installation, another example is 
xl<Ôu $@\R\R-2.7.0\libra' or 'Ý
xlÈ/w $@\R\R-2.7.0\libra'.

I hope this makes a bit more sense.


Owe Jessen
Von-der-Horst-Str. 9 
24118 Kiel

jessen at econinfo.de

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