[R] empirical null distribution

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Tue Apr 29 06:39:56 CEST 2008

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> I simulated data for the ANOVA-test where the condition of equal
> variances was not accomplished. 
> I have three groups:
> X<-rnorm(50,30,5)
> Y<-rnorm(50,30,10)
> Z<-rnorm(50,30,5)
> (this is just an example....the variables might still change
> depending on how clear the results are)
> Now I want to construct the empirical null distribution of it.

Assuming "it" is a hypothetical shared distribution that X, Y and Z are 
possibly all drawn from, then:


> How do I do this?
> Can I make a graph of it?
> Could I compare that graph with that of the theoretical null
> distribution? 

This is looking more and more like homework. Suggest you try some 

David Winsemius

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