[R] SVG format from any R graphic GUI?

Stefan Grosse singularitaet at gmx.net
Thu Apr 17 09:03:14 CEST 2008

On Wed, 16 Apr 2008 18:51:30 +0200 Agustin Lobo wrote:
AL> 2. I need the figure displayed on the screen, I'm using
AL> Impress (the equivalent of ppt). Thus EPS is not an option,

1. So what please is wrong with png? I am using it with Word (If for
some reasons I cannot use LaTeX -- some coauthors are unfortunately
quite resistant there...)

2. Plus have you tried to make pdf's from the impress slides with the
eps graphics? Works perfectly for me. Acrobat reader can than do the
presentation in full screen mode as well. This indeed makes eps an
option again!  


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