[R] memory.size help

Andris Jankevics andza at osi.lv
Fri Aug 31 16:42:01 CEST 2007

You havn't said anithing about your OS and version. But basicly I means, that 
you don't have enoigh RAM or swap memory aviable on your system. How large 
dataset you have?

1. You can optimise your code. :) 


2. You can just add more RAM to your system, or you can add more swap space on 
your HDD. Work with data in swap will be really slow.

In linux OS you can add additional swap space, by these commmands:

2 GB file:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile1 bs=1024 count=2097152
mkswap /swapfile1
swapon /swapfile1

On Friday 31 August 2007 15:27:58 dxc13 wrote:
> w1 <- outer(xk$xk1, data[,x1], function(y,z) abs(z-y))
> w2 <- outer(xk$xk2, data[,x2], function(y,z) abs(z-y))
> w1[w1 > d1] <- NA
> w2[w2 > d2] <- NA
> i1 <- ifelse(!is.na(w1),yvals[col(w1)],NA)
> i2 <- ifelse(!is.na(w2),yvals[col(w2)],NA)
> zk <- numeric(nrow(xk))      #DEFININING AN EMPTY VECTOR TO HOLD ZK VALUES
> for(x in 1:nrow(xk)) {
>         k <- intersect(i1[x,], i2[x,])
>         zk[x] <- mean(unlist(k), na.rm = TRUE)
> }
> xk$zk <- zk
> data <- na.omit(xk)

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