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On 30-Aug-07 14:43:12, Thomas Lumley wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Aug 2007, Alberto Monteiro wrote:
>> Do you know what's in my wish list?
>> I wish spreadsheets and computer languages had gone one
>> step further.
>> I mean, it's nice to define Cell X to be "equal" to
>> Cell Y + 10, and then when we change Cell Y, magically we
>> see Cell X change.
>> But why can't it be the reverse? Why can't I change Cell X
>> _and see the change in Cell Y_?
> Well, most statistical calculations are data-reducing, ie,
> many-to-one. 
> I don't think you are likely to find a language where you
> can change the confidence limits for the sample mean and
> have the data change in response.

Well, I have seen *people* do this (mentioning no names), and
with the assistance of software (but only using the software
in the direction Data --> CLs).

However, there does exist software which is capable of learning
people's behavioural criteria, and reacting according to their
estimated needs, so probably Thomas's speculation is not beyond

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