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Duncan Murdoch murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Wed Aug 29 15:22:31 CEST 2007

christian.ritter at shell.com wrote:
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> Here are a few additional comments related to the representation issue in .csv files:
> What is said about the .csv files with respect to rounding also holds for the windows clipboard but not for the office clipboard. If you format data in an excel range, select this range and paste it on a different worksheet (within MS Office) the original representation is kept. That is, you can undo the formating in the new copy. However, if you read the data into R using the clipboard as a data source, only the formated version is transfered. I played a bit with options and it really seems a clipboard implementation issue (a job for Microsoft). Any lobbying wit MS to permit a better access to the office clipboard would be useful in this context.

I did write some code to give access to special formats in the Windows 
clipboard.  If you can figure out what's there you should have access to 
it from R using getClipboardFormats and readClipboard. I think the only 
lobbying that would be needed would be to reveal the format, and that 
may have already been done.

Duncan Murdoch

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