[R] Problem with lsa package (data.frame) on Windows XP

Walter Rojas walterrojas at mac.com
Sun Aug 19 00:31:48 CEST 2007

Dear R team,

The following piece of code (to use the lsa package) works fine on my  
mac os x, but when I run the same code on Windows XP, it doesn't work  
any more.

### code:
matrix1 = textmatrix("C:\\Documents and Settings\\tine stalmans.TINE. 
000\\LSA\\cuentos\\", stemming=TRUE, language="spanish",  
minWordLength=2, minDocFreq=1, stopwords=NULL, vocabulary=NULL)
print(matrix1,bag_lines = 3, bag_cols = 3)
matrix1 = lw_bintf(matrix1) * gw_idf(matrix1)
space = lsa(matrix1, dims = dimcalc_share())

### the following line fails on windows XP
matrix2 = textmatrix("C:\\Documents and Settings\\tine stalmans.TINE. 
000\\LSA\\respuestas\\", stemming=TRUE, language="spanish",  
minWordLength=2, minDocFreq=1, stopwords=NULL,vocabulary=rownames 
matrix2 = lw_bintf(matrix2)
matrix2fld = fold_in(matrix2, space)
r <- cor(matrix2fld[,"respId1.txt"], matrix2fld[,"respAl1.txt"],  
method = "pearson")

An error occurs when creating the second textmatrix with the  
vocabulary of the first. The error I get is:

in data.frame(docs = basename(file), terms = names(tab), Freq = tab,  :
         arguments imply differing number of rows: 1, 0

When I change the vocabulary argument to NULL, it doesn't report this  
error any more; however, then the code will fail on the fold_in  
method further down.

I found another user who reported this same problem on-line; however,  
I didn't find any answers.

Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

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