[R] X11 problems

Marc Schwartz marc_schwartz at comcast.net
Wed Aug 15 05:03:38 CEST 2007

On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 04:03 +0200, Pau Marc Munoz Torres wrote:
> Hi
>  I'm working in a ubuntu feisty OS, when I try to start X11() i get the
> following message
> > X11()
> Error in X11() : could not find any X11 fonts
> Check that the Font Path is correct.
> In addition: Warning messages:
> 1: locale not supported by Xlib: some X ops will operate in C locale
> 2: X cannot set locale modifiers
> >
> Can some body tell me what to do?

There seems to be a fair number of posts pertaining to issues with X11,
fonts and Ubuntu. As I use Fedora, there may be some subtleties in play
here that I am missing.

However, the message also suggests a problem with your locale, which has
also been referred to in posts and is referenced in the R Installation
and Administration Manual in Appendix C.1 "X11 Issues".

A quick workaround may be to start R, but set LANG=C on the command line

  $ LANG=C R

Then try to start the X11() device and see if you still get the

If the locale message is gone, but the font path related messages are
still present, use:

  RSiteSearch("X11 Ubuntu")

which will present you with some possibilities for fixing the xorg.conf
file relative to defining font path settings. Seems that this is
somewhat common on Ubuntu upgrades where the font path changed from one
version to another, at least from Dapper to Edgy anyway.


Marc Schwartz

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