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Uwe Ligges Uwe.Ligges at r-project.org
Fri Aug 3 14:48:47 CEST 2007

We are happy to announce that the R user conference

   useR! 2008

is scheduled for August 12-14, 2008, and will take place at the
University of Dortmund.

As for the predecessor conferences, the program will consist of two parts:
invited lectures and user-contributed sessions (abstract submission will
be available online starting from December 2007). Prior to the
conference, there will be tutorials on R (proposals for tutorials should
be sent before 2007-10-31).


Invited speakers will include

     Peter Bühlmann, John Fox, Kurt Hornik, Gary King, Duncan Murdoch,
     Jean Thioulouse, Graham J. Williams, and Keith Worsley.


The sessions will be a platform to bring together R users, contributors,
package maintainers and developers in the S spirit that `users are
developers'. People from different fields will show us how they solve
problems with R in fascinating applications.
The sessions are organized by members of the program committee, including

     Micah Altman, Roger Bivand, Peter Dalgaard, Jan de Leeuw,
     Ramón Díaz-Uriarte, Spencer Graves, Leonhard Held, Torsten Hothorn,
     François Husson, Christian Kleiber, Friedrich Leisch, Andy Liaw,
     Martin Mächler, Kate Mullen, Ei-ji Nakama, Thomas Petzold,
     Martin Theus, and Heather Turner.

The program will cover topics such as

     * Applied Statistics & Biostatistics
     * Bayesian Statistics
     * Bioinformatics
     * Chemometrics and Computational Physics
     * Data Mining
     * Econometrics & Finance
     * Environmetrics & Ecological Modeling
     * High Performance Computing
     * Machine Learning
     * Marketing & Business Analytics
     * Psychometrics
     * Robust Statistics
     * Sensometrics
     * Spatial Statistics
     * Statistics in the Social and Political Sciences
     * Teaching
     * Visualization & Graphics
     * and many more.


Before the official program, half-day tutorials will be offered
on Monday, August 11th.
We invite R users to submit proposals for three hour tutorials on
special topics on R. The proposals should give a brief description of
the tutorial, including goals, detailed outline, justification why the
tutorial is important, background knowledge required and potential
attendees. The proposals should be sent before 2007-10-31 to
useR-2008 at R-project.org.

A web page offering more information on the `useR!' conference is
available at



In the past, Dortmund was famous for coal, steel and the beer industry -
quite typical for a city in the Ruhrgebiet. Today, Dortmund evolves to a
city with high tech industry, exhibitions and service companies.
Dortmund's football (i.e. soccer) club is world famous and attracts
roughly 80000 people on a regular basis.


     2007-10-31: submission deadline of tutorial proposals
     2007-12-01: start of registration
     2007-12-01: start of online abstract submission
     2008-03-31: early registration deadline:
     2008-03-31: submission deadline of abstracts
     2008-05-15: notification of acceptance
     2008-05-31: regular registration deadline
     2008-07-25: registration deadline

We hope to meet you in Dortmund!

The conference committee:
     Uwe Ligges (conference), Achim Zeileis (program), Claus Weihs,
     Gerd Kopp (local organization), Friedrich Leisch, Torsten Hothorn

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